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Welcome, visitor # to Poison Race, an icon and avatar collective that is a part of the Drunk Bitch Network. Here, you will be able to find a compilation of all the Avatars that I have personally made over the years and my newest creations. On the same note, if you are interested in making icons but don't feel like image hunting, you are completely welcome to help yourself to the Base section, where you can use any images you find to make icons of your very own! Hopefully you enjoy browsing about this site ♥

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welcome to the new site

[Introduction] After many many years of waxing and waning with graphic sites and archives, I have joined the small community of icon collectives! \o/ It's been a long time coming and honestly I actually lost about a third of the old bases I used to have back when Poison Race was a domain all it's own. I used to have closer to 800 bases available to use but that was back when my host suddenly died and I hadn't had the brain to make consistent back ups like I do now. All the same, I am excited to see that all that work won't go to waste and that now they can sit happily on my domain, along with all my other projects. Hopefully you guys will enjoy this site as well but I suspect it won't be an actively updated site - it will be updated whenever I have new icons to feature ♥
- Emrys

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